Wk50 – Circuits wi Gill (incl barbell weights)

Wednesday morning and I’d had a crap sleep.  I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep… but lying there (not sleeping) I came up with an idea of how to mix up our circuits a bit.

I’d introduce a set of barbell weights into the circuit.  I got the idea partly from the Body Pump classes I used to do where you would work separate body parts (to music), starting off with the large muscle groups (legs, back, chest) and moving onto the smaller muscle groups (triceps, biceps, shoulders).

We got a bench out, and two barbells each.  One with 2 x 5kg on it, and one with 2 x 7.5kg on it. (This can maybe increase to 2 x 10kg the next time).

Here’s what we did:

Warm up
3 x 7 exercises, (without rest between circuits!), 30:6, work:rest
Sprints (10m)
Power Squats
Log Jump
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Mummy Kicks

Circuit 1 (Plyometrics), 30:6, work:rest
8 exercises
Sprints (10m)
Football Wide Stance
Basketball Jumps
Level 1 Drills
Cross Jacks
Ski Abs
In & Outs

Circuit 2 (Barbell Weights), 30:6, work:rest
8 exercises
Sprints (10m)
Squats (2 x 7.5kg)
Lunges (2 x 7.5kg)
Bent over row (2 x 7.5kg)
Chest Press (2 x 5kg)
Tricep Pullover (2 x 5kg)
Bicep Curl (2 x 5kg)
Shoulder Press (2 x 5kg)

We did circuit 1, then circuit 2 and repeated another 2 times each.

Then we finished with: 

Final Circuit
2 exercises, repeated 5 times
20 x Beat your boots
8 x Push Ups 

It was pretty good, but we could have done with doing the weights for longer – say a minute, so I might make up a routine of 25 exercises – 1 minute each, with limited rest.  We’ll probably crumple after that!! 

Oh and result after the upper and abs workout last night… my arms / chest aren’t too sore, there are just a few wee tender bits to remind me I’ve done some work with them. 😀

Circuits: 48:30 minutes, 400 calories.
Ave HR: 135 (71%), Max HR: 152 (80%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.5

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