Merry Christmas! Glasgow Santa Dash 2011

I’ve been a little quiet over the last few days … I’ve been finishing off Christmas shopping and having a long weekend off work.  I’ve finally finished my Christmas shopping and can’t wait until the big day now!! 😀

Anyway, I came across this and thought it’d be nice to share with you.  It’s of the Annual Glasgow Santa Dash and features a friend of mine (Cris Walsh and some of his friends and family – special mention to the very cute little Holly Walsh!)

It was shot by his good friend Alex Benetatos on a GoPro HD camera (attached to the end of a pole).  Nice bit of kit!!  (Amazon selling for around £166 just now – December 2011).

And if you’re interested, here’s some footage shot with a GoPro camera below:

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas! Glasgow Santa Dash 2011

  1. She’s got here Dad’s good looks and running legs.

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