Winter Strength Workout Challenge

Following my Winter Ultra Run Challenge,  (here is how I did)  I thought I’d change direction a bit for December and give my body a bit of a rest from long distance running.

It’s sort of to do with the weather, but also just to make a bit of a change to my routine, and hopefully let strength training complement my any running I do, or am going to do in the lead up to the Highland Fling in April 2012.

So the plan is to do:

  • 3-4 strength workouts a week:
    1 upper & abs – 45 mins – 1  hour
    1 lower & abs – 45 mins – 1  hour
    1 circuits – 45 mins
    1 kettlebell – 45 mins (optional)
  • 2-3 runs (short, medium, long including one speed or hill workout)
  • 1-2 swims.

Here’s how I hope a week in December will look:

Mon AM: 4-5 mile easy run.
Mon PM: Upper weights & abs
Tues AM: Kettlebell / Other / Rest
Tues PM: Swim
Wed AM: Circuits
Wed PM: 6-8 mile run / (hills or speed)
Thu AM: Legs weights & abs
Thu PM: Rest or catch up workout.
Fri: Rest
Sat AM: Long run (6-13 miles)
Sun: Rest / Teach swimming / catch up workout.

It seemed to work quite well this week anyway.  In January, when I start training for the Highland Fling strength work will continue but will become secondary to running and training for the West Highland Way.  🙂

Anyway, here’s the Upper, Lower weights and abs plan I have got together:

Here are some of my weights workouts:

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