Wk49 – Circuits wi Gill

Wednesday morning and it was my 3rd stength workout of the week so far.  I’m a little tender across my chest and in my arms from the upper body gym workout I did on Monday and the Kettlebell workout I did yesterday, so I was thinking that todays effort could be a bit of a struggle.  It was ok in the end, but I had to change a few exercises as I couldn’t really do push ups.

After a few technical issues and my iphone nearly running out of battery, we did a good 50 minutes circuit session.

Here’s what we did:


Warm Up:
3 x 7 exercises, 30 secs work: 5 secs rest
Sprints (10m)
Power Squats
Log Jump
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Vertical Jumps

1st Set:
3 x 8 exercises, 30 secs work: 5 secs rest
Sprints (10m)
Suicide Drills
Power Jumps
Ski Down
Belt Kicks
Tricep V Push Ups (ouch!)
Mountain Climbers

2nd Set:
3 x 8 exercises, 30 secs work: 5 secs rest
Sprints (10m)
Jumping Jacks (had to keep my hands at my chest, elbows out, looking like a chicken for this one… ouch lol).
Hurdle Jumps
Switch Kicks
Barbell Shoulder Press (5kg on each end)
Sprints with Lunges
Hook & Jump Rope
Moving Push Ups… (found this one really hard).

Final Set:
6 x 2 exercises, 8 times each:
Beat Your Boots
Snatch with Barbell (5kg on each end)

Circuits: 50 minutes, 400 calories.



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