Wk48 – Early morning Icy run after being stood up by Paul!

Friday morning and I’d arranged to meet Paul at Bella at 6:30am then run 6 miles around a route we’d done once before together. 

The last time I attempted the route I ended up double backing on myself, so I was keen to let Paul show me the way again.

I got to Bella just before 6:30 and there was no sign of Paul.  I hung around inside for about 5 minutes, then went out to my car to check my phone. No message from him.  I decided I’d hang around until 6:40 then head off. 

Poor soul must have slept in!!  :-O  I didn’t mind that he hadn’t turned up, just hoped it was ok I went off without him. (It was – he text at 6:56 saying he’d just woken.   He was maybe better off in his bed than out there anyway!)

Lucky for him.  As it was bloody cold out. 0-1’C, with cold rain to make me feel really special at that time in the morning.  It was, of course, dark, and for the first time this Winter it was a little icy underfoot. 😦

So I decided I’d take this, my second run of the week, nice and gingerly and try and get around the 6 mile route we’d been on earlier in the year: Along Paisley Road West, left past Ross Hall, somewhere else, then somewhere else and up somwhere else, until I got back to Bella. (?) It’s not looking good is it?…  😛

Heavy Downpour (1829-31225 / 42-15823054 © Flirt)It started raining as I left Bella, and as I ran up Paisley Road West the rain was pelting down.  I was watching my feet and being careful not to slip, and as a result went a little slower than I normally would have. Up to the second mile, it was pouring.  Cold, wet, rain. 

It kind of felt good, until the rain stopped.  And I was left drenched, with cold wet clothes on, running through the dark streets of the Southside/Pollok.

As I was running I was already feeling sorry for anyone who’s signed up for the Marcothon and are on their 2nd day of (31 days) running at least 25 minutes/3 miles.  I hope the weather is kind to them and they manage the challenge.

Past Ross Hall, then came a set of traffic lights which I was pretty sure I should go right at (down Crookston Road), but I couldn’t decide.  I didn’t want to take a wrong turn at this time of the morning. I stopped and asked a taxi driver that was sitting waiting, and he told me how to get back to Bellahouston, but it wasn’t the way I wanted (the long way).

So at 2.5 miles in, I decided (perhaps wisely?) to turn around and head back the way I came.  I ran back on the opposite side of Paisley Road West (as if that would change the scenery!!?) and took a right down Mosspark Drive to where it goes to the College.  Up Corkerhill Road towards Bella, and finished 5.6 miles. (See the yellow line where I should have gone… ahem.)

I’d said earlier in the week that my foot was sore when I ran, so I wasn’t going to run later this week.  But it felt a bit better and although it wasn’t back to normal, it did seem to kind of ease off as I ran with no major niggles.  It just felt like something was pressing down on the top of my foot – which I can live with.  One to keep an eye on.

I guess this is a new route for the week then… or maybe a … I got lost again and didn’t know the way so turned back route??  🙂  I think if I attempt that route on my own again, I’ll drive it beforehand to make sure I know it! I’ll blame it on Paul for sleeping in!! 😉

Run: 5.6M, 49:26, Pace: 8:50, Calories: 432.
Ave HR: 143 (75%), Max HR: 154 (81%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.1

Tomorrow we are meant to be going to do a long walk from Inverarnan (Drovers Inn) to Bridge of Orchy – fingers crossed the weather is ok.  But looking at it – it doesn’t look too clever.  :-O

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