Wk47 – 4.3M Maxwell Park

Boy – it was hard getting up to go for a run this morning!  I’d woken at half 4, and hadn’t managed to get back to sleep, and by the time the alarm went off at 6am, getting up for a run was the last thing I wanted to do.

By 620, when I should have really been up, I’d decided that I’d run another morning and that I deserved a lie in to half 7.  But I’d asked Fit Girl the night before to make me feel bad if I didn’t get up and she did.  She was up getting ready anyway, and kept coming into the room reminding me that I was meant to be up and out running.

The minutes kept going by and by about 645, she finally said that I’d still have time for a short run around Maxwell Park, in time for me to be back to get ready and go for work.  So I stopped making excuses, and just got up and got dressed.  And by 6:54 I’d started my run.  :-S

I felt ok running.  It was a usual dark morning, before the sun came up and I was comfortable running my old friend Maxwell Park route.  It was pretty warm for this time of the year again – about 10-11’C, and it was dry again.

I dodged a few cars at traffic lights, managing to cross just before the lights went green for them, and ran down the middle of the quiet Terregles Avenue for a bit. 🙂  Living dangerously? 😉

This isn't Old Dog, but this is the kind of dog he is... a Golden Retriever

About 2 miles in I was pleased to meet Old Dog, and his owner and his friend Barky Dog.  I didn’t see them last week when I was out, so I was afraid perhaps something had happened to Old Dog, but it seems I’d just been out a bit early for them.

Old Dog plodded along and his owner walked just ahead patiently with Barky Dog (on a lead).  I think they just do about a quarter of a mile loop around the block, but it gets the dogs out.  And I don’t think Old Dog would manage any further than that anyway. At least she gets up and out with them.

I finished in just under 35 minutes, my fastest Maxwell Park run for a while, but I hadn’t pushed myself too much, so I was pleased with that.

Run: 4.36M, 34:47, Pace: 7:59 Calories: 263
Ave HR: 156 (82%)  Max HR: 179 (91%) Garmin Training Effect: 3.1


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