The end of this week and Long Run Training Plans

This weeks training

I feel like I’ve had a rather quiet week (that was the plan), it’s been a bit strange.  Sort of enforced rest from running, and no pressure to run has meant that I’ve only run once, on Monday morning.  I had planned to do 5 miles this morning, but a lie in was more appealing again.  tut tut.  I figured I’d run my 5 miles on Sunday when I’ve not got a lot else on. 😀

I feel a little bit like I should have run more this week, but perhaps I’ll try and make up for it next week with a week more busy with runs.

This is what this week should look like once I’ve finished it:
Mon AM: Run 4.3M, PM: Swim 3000m.
Tues PM: Swim 3000m.
Wed AM: Circuits, PM: Swim 3000m.
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 13.7M walk from Rowardennan to Inverarnan
Sun: 5M run / Swimming Teaching week 6.

Saturday’s Long Walk
We’re away walking on the West Highland Way tomorrow again.  Another way for me to recover from my long run at the weekend, and get ready for our long 96 mile / 5 day walk along the route in April 2012

Tomorrow we’re walking from Rowardennan to Inverarnan.  I covered most of the route on Saturday so there shouldn’t be many surprises for me. 

Hopefully the weather is ok – should be if the forecast is right.

Next weeks training
Then next week should look like this:

Mon AM: Run 4.3M, PM: Swim 3000m.
Tues PM: Swim 3000m.
Wed AM: Circuits, PM: Run 8-10M including speed work/hills perhaps on the treadmill.
Thu: AM: Run 5M, PM: Kettlebell / Easy Run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 33M in Glasgow, (run 12 miles of it with Jackie – can’t wait for this one!)
Sun: Rest / Swimming Teaching week 7.

TrainersI’m feeling quite good about my training and how I’m doing it: in two week blocks: One week busy, one week of recovery.  So much so I’ve come up with this plan for the next 6 or so months.  Lets see if I can get in training for the Highland Fling. 

I am going to decide soon if I’m going to enter the Fling: I’m going to leave it until after my longest run which I plan on Friday the 9th of December to decide.

West Highland Way signThat Friday I’m taking a day off work and either from Drymen to Tyndrum (if I can sort out transport) or from Tyndrum south for 20 miles, and back.  I’m 95% sure I’ll enter, but doing one more long run on the WHW should make sure I’m fit enough and my legs / ankles can take it.

Long Run Training Plan

Here’s my idea of my training plan for the next 6 months or so… training to:

  1. Walk the West Highland Way (early April),
  2. Run the 53 miles of the Highland Fling… and
  3. Stay in one peice hopefully! 🙂

Any comments on the training plan are gratefully recived and if you’d like to join me on any long run weekend (usually a Saturday morning unless stated otherwise), feel free to get in touch. 😛

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