Wk46 – 3000m Swim Session 12 & teaching points

Monday night and I went to Bella to swim with Fit Girl again.  My foot strain was a little sore when I kicked, but nothing show stopping.  It was a pretty straight forward session for me, Swim Session 12, alternating 20 lengths front crawl swimming, with 12 lengths front crawl pull.

Here’s what I did:

3000m, 59:17, Calories: 579.
Ave HR: 132 (70%), Max HR: 148 (78%).
(Swim Session 10: 2500m: 49:27)
500m FC swim: 9:49
300m FC pull: 6:34
500m FC swim: 9:09
300m FC pull: 5:46
500m FC swim: 9:12
300m FC pull: 5:43
500m FC swim: 9:10
100m FC pull: 1:40

Lucky me, I got a few teaching points again from my colleague swim coach Mark tonight when I was in swimming.  🙂

Yes I am a swimming teacher, and I know how to swim, but it’s always good to get feedback on your stroke.  I’m kind of self taught and not really seen myself swim, so I’ll lap up any advice he wants to give me.

He gave me the teaching points after about the first two sets, and you can see a real improvement in my times.  That’s what I like… working hard at things and getting results!  I really felt like I was improving too, it felt better than it used to.  🙂  (Not that it was tough before, it just feels better).

Tonight’s teaching points for me

Anyway, as I was swimming Mark suggested this:
(I’ll include some videos so you know what I mean).

1.  Deeper Pull
Keep doing what you’re doing with stretching your arms forward as part of the reach, but work on pulling deeper underneath your body.  Do this and you’ll engage the right muscles when doing front crawl.

2.  Shoulder Rotation
As you stretch forward on the reach, rotate your body so that your shoulder is under your chin and your body is at between 45 – 90′.  Follow the reach with a deep pull.

3.  Improve pull into the wall on tumble turn
As you tumble, don’t look at the wall.  On your last arm make sure you do a strong pull, then use that pull to turn, leading with your head (not your arm).

I got a thumbs up after quite a bit of work from me.  Worth the hard work and I definitely feel stronger at swimming. It’s amazing what a few teaching points can do!

After I finished swimming, I went to thank Mark and he suggested the next few things for me to work on:

1. Lower my right hand on entry before pull
My left hand entry is good.  Work on my right hand entry, so that it’s slightly lower under the water.  Enter both hands in smoothly and glide them forward into the reach.

2.  Work on tumble turn into the wall
Engage a strong full bodied pull, powering in towards the wall.  Use the power of the pull to go into the turn more quickly (don’t lead with my arm).

3.  Relax my arm when it’s in recovery.  
Use energy to get my arm up out of the water, then after 90′ angle, let it continue its course into the reach.  Try not to put any energy into the recovery as gravity will do it for me.

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