Wk45 – 24M WHW Rowardennan to Dario Melaragni Memorial and back

“I run, because I can.”

Saturday morning was good…my third long run of my Winter Ultra Run Challenge. I’ve done a little (2 minute 50) video clip of some of the images and video I took. It’s my first attempt at editing, so it’s perhaps not as good as it could be, but it covers most of my epic 4:36 trail run quite nicely. 🙂

It might give you an idea of the terrain and what I went through. 😀

Hopefully you’ll like it. 🙂

(The music will keep playing at the end because I couldn’t figure out how to cut it… lol).

My Garmin ran out 4:20 into it, (8 hour battery life!!?) so it didn’t record the last 2 miles. 😦 But I had a good time anyway. If you want a challenge… run that part of the West Highland Way!!

It’s Sunday and my legs feel pretty good for having run 24.5 miles of the West Highland Way yesterday! I’m a bit hungry but apart from that I’m good. 🙂 Better go eat. 😀

Run: 24M, 4:36:19 (4:50 total time), Pace: 11:16 (5.3 mph). Calories: 2,291.

Ave HR: 154 (81%), Max HR: 174 (92%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.2

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