Wk45 – 5M thankfully I have my (lighter) legs back

This morning I was relieved to find that my heavy legs from Tuesday night had disappeared… that’s what I get for swimming 3k then trying to run 10k!  🙂  My legs were back to normal and I could run easily… phew!

I met Gill at Bella just after 6:30am and we ran our usual 5 mile route from there.  Last Thursday Gill got one of her best times for the route, so I hoped today she’d run well too.

Gill seemed a bit more positive on the run… I think her reading Are you a Positive or Negative person? maybe hit home with her a little.  Running shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you enjoy and she seemed to enjoy todays run a bit more than usual. 


One thing I noticed about todays run is that Gill got progressively faster which was good.  Although the run was abot 30 seconds slower than last week, I think she did better as she ran steadily for about 3 miles, then finished strongly.  We ran as the sun came up which was nice.

Think we’ll try the route back to front again next week, then think about doing some sort of speed work another week.

Run: 5M, 46:28, Pace: 9:17, Calories: 395
Ave HR: 136 (72%), Max HR: 155 (82%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

Tonight I think I’ll try a Kettlebell circuit, something like:

6 x 10 exercises, 30:10, work:rest
Squat Press
Torso Circles
Press Ups
Double Arm Row
Squat Figure 8s
Double Arm Swings
Mountain Climbers
Sumo Squat
Romanian Deadlift

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