Way Marker at Drymen (the one I missed) :-P

Drymen markerOn Saturday just past when we walked from Drymen to Rowardennan, I thought I had the route sorted, but couldn’t think how I would get onto Stirling Road by bypassing the village. 

We ended up just walking into and out of the village, and out along Stirling Road.  Eventually we found the West Highland Way, but it meant we missed out a bit over a field before Stirling Road.

West Highland Way signI realised that I’d parked my car on the North of Stirling Road and should have started on the South of Stirling Road (ie not within the bypass). I should have continued on Stirling Road and turned right where there’s a sign post for Gartness (see the map below).

After our walk, I took a few minutes out to retrace my steps and managed to find the way marker I’d missed a week earlier when running from Gartness.  🙂

Easy.  I just obviously wasn’t paying attention at that point and missed the sign!  Most people probably wouldn’t miss it… but the image of it is below anyway incase you do…

Here are the steps you’d take if you were on the West Highland Way… this is the point after Gartness and before Drymen:

1. After going through Gartness on a small road (past a Quarry on your left),  there’s an entrance to a large house on your right, you take a sharp left. 

2. Just after you’ve turned left, before the small bridge, look out for the West Highland Way marker on your right.

3. Down dome steps, past an old gate and up a grass hill with convenient steps carved out of it. 

4. At the top of the hill you’ll see another WHW marker post.

5. Continue down and head towards the road (Stirling Road)… go along the road, then cross it and it takes you on up towards Conic Hill direction. 🙂

If you get to these steps, after you cross a main (Stirling) Road… you’ve gone too far.  Turn back the way you came and look out for the small bridge and way marker on your left (as you retrace your steps!)  🙂

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