Wk44 – 8.5M Muirend Cathcart

Friday morning and it was usually my rest day, but I decided after a short run on Wednesday and a 5 miler on Thursday, I wanted to do another run this week.

I’d originally planned on running 6-8 miles on Tuesday morning, but bed was more appealing…so I took the morning off instead (and went swimming at night). 😉

I managed to get out of bed this morning, and (as usual) I’m glad I did.

It was dark, but not too cold when I left just before half 6am.  I had on shorts, tshirt and a cap… I figured it had been quite mild recently so I wouldn’t need long sleeves etc.  I was right.  Although I could see my breath at some points, I was wearing just the right clothes for a longish run.

I decided to try a new route this morning (part of my one new route a week challenge)… up to Muirend and Cathcart where I used to live. 


I put on Queen to listen to… (bringing me back to when I was about 8 and used to steal the album off my big brother Ross)… and ran as the sun came up.

I was running comfortably and steadily for about 2 miles, then at about 2.5 miles I seemed to get a sort of stitch… I concentrated on breathing well and just enjoy the run, and I managed to get rid of it.

When I got to Muirend I knew that it was sort of downhill from there, and for some reason, it made me feel a bit better.

After 10k I decided I’d had enough of Queen…and went back to my good old faithful ‘The Script’ which I love running to.  They’re great to run to.

I was pushing over the last half a mile home (nice wee downhill) and got back to where I usually finish (Seaward St/Paisley Rd). My garmin had measured 8.4 miles, so I pushed it a little to go on to do 8.5 miles in total.

All good.  I love running run as the sun comes up and the birds start to sing.  😀

Run: 8.5 miles, 1:08, Pace: 8:01, Calories: 663.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 172 (91%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.4

(Against 76% average HR for a 5 mile run at 9:10 pace yesterday, GTE: 3.2 😀 )

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