Wk44 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Thursday morning and I thougth I might be a little tired this morning…but I was ok for my early morning run with Gill.  5 miles, at her pace, with her aiming to run as best she can.  🙂  And we get a chat too.

I decided we’d run the route back to front, which meant running through Bella Park at 6:35 in the morning, when it was still dark.  I had my torch so it was ok, but I’m not sure it was the cleverest of ideas.  I think I actually like the route back to front a bit better though.


Gill got to 4 miles and needed to walk as she didn’t feel right… like she either needed to be sick or burp – so we walked for a bit.  We’d been doing well up to then, 9ish minute miles.

We finished just under 46 minutes and Gill had been pushing it for the last 3/4s of a mile or so.

A nice wee run for me again… no pressure, just run. 😀

Run: 5 miles, 45:53, Pace: 9:10, Calories: 400.
Ave HR: 144 (76%), Max HR: 158 (83%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.2

I think if I feel ok I’ll do a wee 6 mile run on my own tomorrow, see the difference between running ith Naadra, Gill and myself. 🙂  I only hope I can drag my ass out of bed for 630am again!

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