Wk44 – 5k then circuits wi Naadra

Wednesday night and I met my basketball buddy Naadra for a ‘wee jog and circuits’ at Bella.

Naadra is some character!  🙂  We met at Bella at half 5 and it was already dark.  She lives near Tollcross which is shut for the pool to be renovated, so her daughter was swimming (City of Glasgow Swim Team) at Bella.  She kept me smiling all night anyway… laughing with her (or at her?)

I took her around the park, a nice wee leisurely jog and had taken a torch with me just incase it got dark.  We had a good catch up and after a few miles we went into the (very dark) park. (I knew it would be).  I showed her the way and we finished up donig a nice wee 5k.  That’ll be my new route for this week, and a nice easy wee one it was too. 🙂

We got back to Bella and went into the circuits class at 1830.  I’d never been to it before so I was keen to see what it would be like.

21 stations, 6 people at each.
3 exercises for each station, 30 seconds each.
Then the top exercise from each station once.

The exercises included:
Sit ups, side crunches,
Power jumps, Burpees, Squat Thrusts
Mountain Climbers, Press ups, Spotty Dogs,
Plank, Side plank,
Bicep curls, Shoulder Press,
Jumping Jacks, Tricep Dips,

It started with a 10 minute warm up (too long I thought)… and then 50 minutes of circuits.

It was good, but I thought there could have been more variation in the exercises.  Some were repeated quite a bit, but I guess maybe that’s what can make it hard?

It’s obviously a well tested out method and the class is very popular too. (over 100 people at it).

Here’s my heart rate for the class (which I admit I could have worked harder at!) 🙂  (I still think my Crazy Intense Interval workouts are harder.)

(versus another graph of my Crazy Intense Circuits from last week🙂

Run: 5k, 32:55, Pace:10:22 Calories: 300
Ave HR: 128 (67%) Max HR: 145 (76%) , Garmin training effect: 2.2

Circuits: 60 mins, Calories: 400
Ave HR: 128 (67%) Max HR: 165 (86%) , Garmin training effect: 2.7

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