Wk44 – Swim Session 10 and some (3000m)

Tuesday night. I went to Bella to swim again. I thought I’d take in what Mark said last night and try and improve my stroke based on his feedback.

I wasn’t really in the mood for it come 3-4pm but as Fit Girl was picking me up I kind of had no choice again. I had a wee mars bar at 4:30pm to help me work, rest and play. 😉

In the pool for 2500m: I’d be swimming front crawl mostly and would concentrate on improving my reach and my arm entry and recovery.

Swim Session 10, 2000m, 37:30
Ave HR: 133 (70%), Max HR: 149 (79%), Calories: 573
Total: 3000m, 57:49 

4 x 100m FC steady
3 x 200m: FC steady, FC kick – single arm, other arm extended, FC fast
800m FC fast: 14:13 (12:20 for 30 lengths)
200m FC pull. 

Then to make it up to 3000m:
250m FC pull.
250m  FC kick – single arm, other arm extended, FC pull.
250m FC steady and strong
250m distance per stroke (16)

Positive for me was that I think I’ve improved my arm entry, recovery and arm stroke ratio.  Trick is to enter your hand just in front of your shoulder and extend your whole arm as far forward as possible (in front of your shoulder). I think I was bending my arm too much.

See this video for an example of what it should be like:

or this one:

and this ones good too:

 I improved my distance per stroke (number of times you pull on a length) too. I was doing 16 strokes per length and I used to do 18-19. 🙂

 All good anyway and I’m glad I went.

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2 Responses to Wk44 – Swim Session 10 and some (3000m)

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Great videos!
    I had a good swim this morning. Although my sessions is much less structured than yours. I basically got in the pool and tried not to drown for an hour 🙂

    • lornpearson says:

      lol… that made me laugh. I’m glad you succeeded. 😀 It’s the swim coach in me… last night I was like… got to fix this bit of my stroke, what drill will help? Not ideal when you can’t see yourself swimming…but I tried.
      My session is so structured I need to take a plan in a little polly pocket in with me…sad…but it works for me. 😉 It was 45 mins of circuits for me this morning.. sweato.

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