Wk42 – Swim Session 9 plus some

Monday night was swimming at Bellahouston again. 🙂  I sort of wasn’t in the mood for it, but once I got in I was fine (as usual).

It was meant to be Swim Session 9, but the plan I had with me was wrong – it only had 72 lengths as opposed to 88.  I decided I’d round it up to 100 lengths as usual, and did the following:

Swim Session 9: 2500m, 48:13. (2200m: 43:15)
2 x 100m FC steady
200m FC pull
1000m FC swim, fast and strong
1000m FC pull, strong, concentrating on turns and breathing
100m BS

Then I did 250m, lifting the total lengths to 120 and meters to 3000m tonight.

The last 250m was:

50 FC swim, 50FC kick,
50m FC pull, 50m FC kick,
50m BC swim, 50m FC kick,
50m FC pull, 50m FC kick
100m FC pull

Once again there was a horrible man in the lane – the MP Ian Davidson… he swims up and down with no regard for others.   At one point there were 3 guys at the top of the lane and he was standing right in the middle of the lane (in my way)… lucky for me I can do tumble turns in very small spaces!

He annoyed Fit Girl too, I won’t go into it but it ended up him ignoring her question, not answering her and staring her out.   Nice eh?  How very very rude he was!  Grrr.  Apart from that (and the fact I managed to inhale some water up my nose on a turn..ouch)… it was a good swim.

Total Swim: 3000m, 57:32, Calories: 574.
Ave HR: 129 (68%), Max HR: 151 (80%).

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