Wk41 – 12.5M walk from Glasgow to Milngavie

Next year we are planning on walking the West Highland Way in April. Fit Girl and I decided we would try our walking boots (and my new walking trousers too) out on a wee 12 mile walk up to Milngavie today. We set out just before 8am just as it was getting light.

Asda and Jasper came along too and had their first face to face encounter with Stanley the Squirrel in Kelvingrove Park. 😉

I’ll maybe let the pictures tell you the story for once:

Walk: 12.46M, 4 hours, Ave Speed: 3mph, Calories: 764
Ave HR: 99 (52%) Max HR: 149 (78% – when we jogged a bit). Garmin Training Effect: 1.2.

Yum…bagel and nutella

Out of the grounds, onto the A81, turn left.

Up to the roundabout, take a right.

Take the road on the right to Acre

Asda and Jasper wanted to take the train home, but I said we had the car there!

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