Wk41 – 10.5M with Gemma P

runningWednesday night and I’d arranged to meet my good friend Gemma for a run.  She said we could do about 6 miles, maybe more.

We left from hers and ran her route – so a new route for me this week. 😀  Up to Anniesland, along the Forth & Clyde Canal, down the Kelvin River and into town.  We hadn’t planned to go into town, but did, and managed to not bump into any pedestrians on Sauchihall Street and Buchanan Street.

We took a little detour at St Vincent Street when the road/cars got in our way, but were back on track down to the Clyde in no time and back to Gemma’s flat.

It was pretty cold again – about 7’C.  I decided I’d test my knee out in the open with the cold (and no cover of a support or longer shorts)…and it was fine.  🙂

We got to about 7 miles and we just kept going and we ended up finishing 10.5 miles in just over an hour and a half.  Most importantly we got a good chat and we wanted to keep going! (chatting/running!)

Joggers bounce up and down at stoplights.  Runners just stand there looking pissed.Gemma kept a good steady pace most of the way, then slowed a little (not noticably) towards the end.   Not surprising as it was Gemma’s longest run ever, and she handled it very well. 🙂  She weas funny when she was threatened to be stopped in anyway (by traffic or whatever)…she didn’t want to stop or slow down or ‘break the pace’ as she called it. 

 It was dark by the time we finished.  When we stopped we went for a wander around the block to stretch off and continued our chat.

We decided we’d finish the night off with a McDonalds milkshake (and a chicken burger – I hadn’t eaten dinner yet).

Hopefully she’s not feeling too sore or tired today!

Oh and she’s trying to persuade me to take her out to practice doing manouvres in a car so she can practice….mmmmm…. not sure about that…lol… we’ll see. 😉

Run: 10.5M, 1:31, Pace: 8:41, Calories: 735.
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR: 154 (81%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.1

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