Rest and Recovery time :-)

I. Have. Blurry. Vision.  :-/

Gubbed.  That’s what I’m thinking.  I’m thinking I’m gubbed. (Yes, I probably should be wearing my contacts or my glasses, but I’m not… so there).

My vision is odd.  It’s ok most of the time, then I only seem to get blurry vision after I’ve run long distances or run a lot (made my body tired or made it work hard)… like I did in the last few days:

Tues AM: 6.5M tempo run
Tues PM: 2700m swimming in 47 mins
Wed AM: 45 minutes of Circuits
Wed PM: 10.5 miles with my mad hatter of a friend Gemma Patchett
Thu AM: 5 miles with Gill

All that makes Lorn a tired girl. 
(I even went back to bed for a wee lie down after my run this morning lol).

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m taking from Thursday night right through til Monday of training.  🙂

I’m going on a long walk on Saturday, and taking my neice swimming on Sunday, but that’s it.  🙂  Rest and recovery is required.  Thank you very much. 

And I’ll probably try a long run next weekend…(24.5 miles last weekend).

How far do you think I should go next weekend?

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