Wk41 – Swim Session 7

Monday night after work and I was getting picked up from work and taken to Bella to swim.  When I was in the changing room (as usual) I wasn’t really too keen, on going in for a swim, but I knew what I was going to do and was there with Fit Girl who was swimming for an hour.  So I just got on with it.  😀

I’d eaten quite a few snacks in the afternoon (apple, cheese and pepperoni, tracker bar) so I was ready for the swim.

Swim Session 7, 2300m, 43:39.
Total distance: 2700m, 108 lengths, 47:23.

Warm up: 2 x 200m Front crawl swim
Main set: 5 x (3 x 100m) Front crawl swim, third 100m fast.
Cool down: 4 x 100m Front crawl, Breast Stroke, Front Crawl, Front Crawl pull.
200m Front crawl pull.
(Swam 8 lengths behind Fit Girl as she finished her hour)

The pool was a bit busy as there was a swim squad in two lanes, but we had between 2 and 5 people in our lane (including us).  A good swim anyway.  Up early Tuesday morning for a run… hopefully!!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I tried my new Aquasocket goggles … very good.  They might even beat the Speedsocket goggles for comfort, fit and the clear view you get out of them.  Usually I need to tie goggles quite tight, but these ones were ok just placed (suckered) onto my eyes and held not so tightly in place.  And they’re cheaper than speedsocket ones too!

Speedo Aquasocket Racing Goggle

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