Running with your cat?

I recently signed up to the American version of the Runnersworld Newsletter and came across this story:

(Exerpt  below):

“I read about Jafari Jamison Underfoot, a Canadian kitty who’s smashing stereotypes left and right.

From an article in The Vancouver Sun:

Jafari Jamison Underfoot, or JJ for short, loves to jog the Stanley Park trails, wade into the waves of English Bay and has learned to sit on command.

JJ happens to be a cat, but not just any cat.

This nearly three-year-old feline is an Abyssinian, which owner Christopher Weeks explained is a breed with many “doglike” qualities.

The article goes on to say that JJ has been trained “to sit, walk or jog alongside” his owners. “JJ is also willing,” the article continues, “to be carried about in a snuggly.”

That last line conjures a pretty amusing mental image, partly because it reminds me of Get Fuzzy, one of my favorite comic strips, in which a cat named Bucky sometimes gets carried around in a Snugli-type baby harness.

I was hoping to get some actual tips from this article, since my wife and I have two cats, and it’d be interesting to try to get them to run with me. But the advice seems to boil down to:

1. Own an Abyssinian cat, and

2. Patiently train your Abyssinian cat much as you would a dog, using hand signals, treats, and a lot of repetition.

As a runner who has neither an Abyssinian cat nor much patience, it appears I’m out of luck. Oh well.

Good boy, JJ. Long may you jog.”

Jafari even has his own Facebook page!:!/jafariunderfoot

And there’s a video of him on here too:

I wonder what Asda and Jasper would think if I asked them to come out a run with me?  😉  lol

Jasper and Asda on holiday...

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