Thoughts for my long run

So I was thinking about my 20 mile run to Milngavie and back on Saturday.  I’m considering my pace, what time I’ll leave and my energy for the run.

My Pace

I’m looking back to the marathon distance I did from Glasgow to Greenock in June.  I had absolutely NO delayed onset muscle soreness after that.  Looking at the pace (see the image at the bottom of this post)  I started out about 8:30-9:00 minutes, then in the last 6 miles I picked up the pace.  I think I’ll try the same on Saturday. 

8:30 minute miles for the first 15 miles, then try and pick up the pace for the last 5 home.

When I plan to leave

8:30 x 20 miles = 170 minutes, make that 3 hours if you add in any stops etc.

I want to be done and dusted by 11am, so if I leave at 7:30ish that should get me back to the flat for about 10:30am.

Perhaps there will be time for a nap later in the day(?!) lol 😉

My Energy

I think I’ve been trying to complicate my energy intake for long runs.  I was trying out new things, trying out solid foods and energy bars, when I know what works for me: 

water and gels.

Here’s my plan for energy:

Prior to the long run: Porridge, caffeine, wholemeal toast, milk.
During the long run: Water (pack) and SIS Caffeine gels for during (one every 5 miles)
After the long run: Forgoodness shakes milkshake, Cashew nuts, Lunch.

For the caffiene hit before it, I’m going to try a pro plus or two, to see how that works out. I used to buy caffeine lucozade, but it seems to be either discontinued or out of stock in most places. 😦  I don’t like coffee, and I don’t really want to eat a gel before I run, so a pro plus should give me the caffiene hit I want.

2 pro plus will give me 100mg of caffeine which should do (there used to be 80mg in Caffeine Lucozade).

I’ll be careful to drink lots of water on the way too.  I can’t wait for my long run Saturday mornings to return!  Fingers crossed my legs stand up to the challenge!

Oh and it’s maybe meant to be POURING on Saturday morning (so said Carole the BBC weather presenter this morning)… woohooo!  Saying that the forecast is actually cloudy until 10, so I might be ok. 🙂

Accuweather Forecast 15/10/11

BBC weather forecast 15/10/11


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4 Responses to Thoughts for my long run

  1. Hope it goes well Lorn, look after that knee of yours


  2. Debs M-C says:

    I might see you en route 🙂 I’m only doing a piddly 10 miles though x

  3. lornpearson says:

    Thanks Rose. I will. 🙂

    Yep, we might see each other Debs if you’re out that way 😀 Wave madly if you see me as I might be concentrating on keeping going and not see you… 😛

  4. lornpearson says:

    I should be wearing white and pink I think… hard to miss. 😀

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