Wk40 – 2600m swim at Tollcross

The swim was a thought tonight, but as usual, I’m glad I did it. I went to Bella before going to Tollcross as I had to pick up some registers to get ready for the new block, then I drove on the new M74 road over to Tollcross.

I was in the pool for just after 7. I managed to forget my water bottle again, which meant I didn’t drink during the swim… nevermind. I drank it all (750mls water) afterwards as I was so thirsty.

I started off swimming the firs 50m with my new Speedsocket goggles, and I realised as soon as I went off that the nose piece I had put on was too big. The result was flooded goggles after about 20m. Arg. I tightened the straps at the end of the lane, but I’ve been swimming long enough to know that it was the nose piece that was the issue. No amount of tightening the strap would help. And it didn’t – it actually made things worse! Flooding after 10m.

I swam blindly to the start of the lane and stopped (myself and my watch). I knew there was no way I could swim with them, so I asked a lifeguard if they had a spare set of goggles – and the did, thank F. Rookie error by me!! I’m just glad they had a spare pair or I’d be ducking out to my car in my cozzy to get my spare pair! 😉

Swim Session 8, 50:16, 2400m, (48 lengths of 50m pool).
100m FC, 100m FC kick, 100m FC, 100m FC pull – 7:38
1600m FC – 30:34
8 x 50m FC kick / BC kick – 10:41

Total swim: 2600m, 52:18, Ave HR: 131, Max HR: 145, Calories: 503

My slowest mile for a while (perhaps ever), but the difference is when you swim in a 50m pool, you turn and push off the wall half as much as you do when you swim in a 25m pool, so you are bound to go slower. Still 28.6 seconds per 25m. 😀 I swam steady and didn’t stop the whole way.

On back crawl kick my quads were SCREAMING!! 😛

After the swim I felt like I was getting a sore head so made sure i drank all of the water I had. I popped my head into the Tollcross Ladies Recreational Basketball which meets on a Thursday night… and was lucky enough to get a 5 pack of mars bars off the coach Christine for giving her a lift home after a night out not so long ago. I ate one as soon as I got into the car. 🙂 Work, Rest and Play (?!)

I used to go along to Basketball every week and had a great time, but I got injured playing it in February 2010 and have been a bit scared to go back incase it impacts on my running. That time I got injured I had to take about 8 weeks off running to let my ankle heal, and sometimes I still feel a bit of pain there. The way I see it, I’d rather forgo an hour of me running around like a maddy, having fun, playing basketball, than risk getting injured and not be able to run for 6-8 weeks! (Although I must admit I only injured myself from landing badly after a jump). The people there are a great bunch and its a good laugh. Not too serious and a great run around. Thursday nights, Tollcross – 8-9pm. 🙂 Go – you might like it.

When I got home tonight I had a bowl of cereal and some more water, but have been sneezing like I don’t know what…. I must have half the pool in my head/up my nose…..perhaps I should have put the nose clip on sooner (I put it on about 6 lengths before the end).

Now, I must try and fix my new goggles and try em on in the shower before I take em swimming again. 😉

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