Wk40 – Circuits wi Gill

I thought I would struggle to get up this morning considering what happened last night… but I was ok.  The alarm went off at 6:02, then at 6:10, then my iphone went off at 6:12 and I got up at about 6:15. 

It was pouring rain and I was glad that we were doing circuits inside rather than running outside this morning.  We repeated what we did last week:

The warm up circuit repeated 3 times (I was a bit cautious with the sprints and the jumps):
Sprints 10m
Power Squats
Log Jumps
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Vertical Jumps

Then the following circuits 3 times each:

Circuit 1:
Sprints 10m
Power Jumps
Belt Kicks
Ski Drills

Circuit 2:
Sprints 10m
Hurdle Jumps
Moving Push ups
Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3:
Sprints 10m
Level 1 drills
Tricep V Push Ups
In and Outs

And this to finish: repeated 5 times
8 hop squats
8 press ups

As expected my Ave HR was lower than last week but I still worked hard and felt it.  I’m glad I got up for it anyway.  Sweato, max interval circuit workouts!  🙂

Ave HR: 136 (71%), Max HR: 155 (81%),
Garmin Training Effect: 2.6, Calories: 373

Ave HR: 144 (75%), Max HR: 170 (89%),
Garmin Training Effect: 3.2, Calories: 395

Ave HR: 138 (72%), Max HR: 163 (85%),
Garmin Training Effect: 3.0, Calories: 386

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