Wk39 – 6M Pollok Park wi Twinkle Toes

Saturday morning and I was teaching swimming from 8-10 for the third week in a row. I’m covering for someone who’s off and it’ll bring me extra pennies for xmas. It means I’ll have worked 25 days straight without a day off… it sounds worse than it is… considering I would normally be up at 8 or 9 on a Saturday morning doing some sort of training anyway (and it’s only 2 hours in the morning, which effectively does the job of getting me up out of bed in the morning.)

Once again I’d arranged to meet the lovely Jackie (aka twinkle toes) for a 6 mile run after the lessons. The forecast was for rain and I hoped it would be like last week (pouring heavy), so we could have fun and play in the puddles again. But it wasn’t to be. It was drizzly. Just drizzly, and not too warm either (12’C but felt colder). Humffff.

It perhaps felt colder because I had my short running shorts on and my new pink Under Armour VEST….lol. And by gum did I get some FUNNY looks from the other runners out with their bodies fully covered with trousers, long sleeved tops and water proof jackets. lol. I perhaps need to rethink my attire now Autumn/Winter is setting in. 😉

Jackie decided to mix things up a little and run the route we normally do, back to front. Nice for a wee change. Down Corkerhill Road, into Pollok Park, under the M77, up the hill, through the deepest darkest forrest (woooooo), loop past Pollok House and round past the cows. Then out the other side of the park back to Bella park.

There’s a big puddle on the road just at Dumbreck Road and you need to watch the cars don’t soak you. Cars were on their way past the puddle so we stopped, then a nice driver slowed down and signalled us to go. He sort of protected us from the cars behind him from going through the puddle. Excellent. Unfortunately I stopped my Garmin when we stopped and didn’t manage to put it on, so we lost a half a mile, but I amended it when I got back to the computer.

As usual we had a good chat and a good laugh. Once again the trusty reliable Jackie could be relied upon for steady splits and good chat. A bit fast than last week, 1:30 mins faster in fact. The first three miles were nice and steady at comfortable 9 min miles, then a wee 9:27, 9:18 and a faster 8:38 mile. Jackie picked up the pace for the last half a mile. I love it when she does that… she keeps her foot strikes the same (small) and just increases her strike rate…. so she ends up running with ace fast little steps…. hence the nick name ‘twinkle toes’… lol x It was nice for me to stretch my legs at the end too. 😀

Run:6M, 54:31, Pace: 9:05, Calories: 550
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR: 165 (87%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.1 (2.8 last week)

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