Wk39 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

Thursday morning and I was up early to meet Gill at Bella for our early morning 5 mile run.

The weather wasn’t too bad, but rain was forecast and it kept threatening.  At one point running along Dumbreck Road at the start, it was pretty dark, but ok once we crossed the road.

I was ok getting up but as I was sitting in Bella reception waiting for Gill I felt surprisingly tired and spaced out.  That’s what swimming does.  Tires me out.  🙂

After last week’s speedwork of 2 mins fast, 1  minute recovery, which was tough, I wanted Gill to just try and run as steady as she could.

After about a mile she started chatting about something, a story which took about 15 minutes to tell.  It was ideal because I don’t think once she thought about how she was running.

I noticed it straight away, I was listening to her, but realised that she was running without care or worry and was running well. 

Here are her splits below:

Just at the end of the 4th mile, Gill slightly went over her ankle and stopped for about 10-15 seconds to check it was ok.  Up to then she was doing well.  She noticed the hill on Nithsdale, I could tell, but ran well throughout.

On the last mile Gill picked up the pace to about a 9 minute mile pace and she felt it. She did well to finish strongly with an 8:58 minute mile.

She shared some of her thoughts with me as she was struggling through the last half mile, things like: ‘I feel sick’, ‘I’m pulling myself up the hill’, ‘I’m not sure I can keep going’… all of which as thoughts (I thought) were pretty negative.  No wonder she finds it hard when she runs sometimes if she is so down on herself!

She can be so down on herself and there’s no need – she’s good and can push it when she wants to.  I tried to bring out the positives, ‘We just ran 5 miles as the sun came up’, ‘It’s not a hill, it’s flat’, ‘We’re doing well’, ‘Keep going’, ‘Nearly there’.

I think next week we’ll try speedwork again, but this time more recovery, maybe 1 minute fast, 4 minutes recovery.  See how that goes.

Run: 5M, 46:32, Pace: 9:17, Calories: 486.
Ave HR: 134 (71%), Max HR: 152 (80%)

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