Wk39 – Swim Session 5 & an MP with odd tumble turns!

Tuesday night and I went straight from work to the pool. It was strangely quiet but I think we just got in earlier than normal.

I did swim session 5, 88 lengths, then 12 lengths to make it up to 100, and another 16 behind Fit Girl.

Swim Session 5, 2200m, 42:31
Ave HR: 137, Max HR: 157, Calories: 512
Plus 300m FC distance per stroke: 48:51 (2500m)
Then 400m various (1 hour).

The swim set included:
Warm up: 100m FC, 100m FC kick, 100m FC, 100m FC pull.
Set 1: 8 x 50m FC kick / BC kick
Set 2: 10 x 25m FC fast, 75m FC steady.
Set 3: 300m FC distance per stroke.
Cool down: 100m BC kick

Fit girl was in again and she did 90 lengths in an hour, 8 up from Saturday when she did 82! Great progress. 🙂

I swam behind her for the last 400m of my swim and (the swimming teacher in me can’t be helped I’m afraid) I noticed she has a 1 beat kick, which means each time a hand goes in, her foot/leg kicks. I’ve never seen it before and found it really hard to replicate.  (I do about a 4-6 beat kick I think).

Our swim was good anyway, apart from a man… apparently he was an MP (so we were told by a man in the lane next to us)… but this MP wasn’t particularly nice.  He was quite fast and strong, but had the oddest tumble turn I’ve ever seen.

He’s swim up to the wall, touch it, then do a kind of back flip and turn over… showing his red speedos and crotch off.  Yuk!  Lol.  I did try to replicate the turn, but I only managed it once (a fluke I think) out of 8 attempts!

The reason we didn’t like him was because instead of the usual 1 tap you are supposed to give swimmers who are in front of you when you want past, he tapped Fit Girl THREE times on the foot.  So she stopped midlane and he crashed into her. lol.  Worst thing was the lane was clear so he could have easily overtaken her!

The trials and tribulations of swimming in lanes! 😉

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