My snacks and daily intake

The other day someone asked me what I ate to stay the same weight…

I eat quite a lot though out the day and I think I’ve managed to get a fine balance in my diet and training.

I’ve just added a new snack to my list… cathederal city cheese sliced into cubes and pepperoni slices.  Yum!

I thought I’d give you a wee insight into what I eat in a day, hopefully it is well enough balanced, healthy, but not too healthy. 🙂

Breakfast: 8am
Porridge, sprinkled with cinnamon, and a touch of honey.

Snack 1: 10am
Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Nutella (or peanut butter or cottage cheese).

Note: Bagels (as with some other foods I eat) are said to be bad for you but with the amount of training I do, I can afford to eat them and get the carb kick I need to fuel my training.  😀

Lunch: 12:30pm
Chicken mayo/tuna mayo/turkey (with crushed walnuts) wholemeal wrap, Muller Rice (usually plain or toffee).

Snack 2: 14:30pm
Apple (chopped up) – got to be a Pink Lady one (expensive but tasty!)

Snack 3: 16:00pm
Cathederal City Cubes, 5 slices/30g of pepperoni

Snack 4: 16:30pm (optional)
Cashew nuts/Rasperries/Strawberries/Blueberries (or a snack sized mars bar or snickers :-O)

Then I’ll usually do some sort of trainig after work (swimming/running/spin) and go home and have a dinner.

Favourite dinners are:
Chicken Katsu with rice,
Chilli Beef with rice,
Baked Potato and prawns/tuna,
Cereal (!! tut tut),
Chicken Curry/Satay,
Poached eggs on toast,
Chicken Stri fry,
A frozen chicken meal, can’t remember the make – chicken breast, brocoli and green beans.

After dinner I might have a wee pudding – a yoghurt, or muller rice, or a snack sized mars bar or snickers if I think I deserve a real treat.  I might have a milkshake after training, which usually prevents me being able to eat a pudding!!


I eat about 6-8 times a day, which apparently keeps your motabolism high and almost never leaves you hungry.  😀  The only thing you have to worry about when you eat like this is trying not to get into a habit of eating too much when you maybe don’t need it. (ie eat less on days you don’t train so much – and don’t eat simply through habit of eating at a certain time).

Drink and hydration
I tend to only drink water through the day, maybe soda water if I’m out for a meal or a drink, and sometimes add diluting juice to my water to make it taste a little different.

I also drink chocolate (mars) milk, and for goodness shakes milkshakes, and have recently started having a glass of milk (instead of tropicana) with my breakfast.  I sometimes have lucozade and energy gels if I’m doing a lot of long distance running training.

My diet…
It seems I eat quite a lot of chicken… lol – no  pasta, a bit of rice, some eggs and some beef and prawns/tuna  🙂  I even have the odd chippy and usually a chinese meal once a week.

I should maybe introduce more fish and steaks to my dinners, but the main thing about dinners for me is that they are quick to make and tasty.

The main problem with my diet is probably that it isn’t varied enough… but it’s healthy-ish and has helped me maintain my ideal weight for over a year!

And I’d like to note – this is my week day diet, my weekend diet usually contains less snacks and more eating out. 🙂

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