Popular Search Engine Terms #5

Here are a few popular search terms which have led people to my blog in the last wee while:

how to remember swim set

The best way I’ve found to remember a swim set is either to:

a. make it a simple set, like 500m Front Crawl fast, 300m Front Crawl pull x 4. 
b. make up a print out of 10 or 12 swim sessions, seal the print out in a polly pocket and take it onto poolside.

I must admit I don’t see any others coming on pool side with a laminated swim session print out… but it works for me.

I printed out this (Excel version for printing) of my Swim Sessions.  Then put it in a poly pocket, and sealed it up with either selotape or magic tape.  Easy!

2500m swim workout

See above links for 2000m – 2500m swim sessions

Garmin Training Effect

There’s a good article here about it: Garmin Training Effect

a chip for a shoe that tells you the speed and there miles run

Nike plus chip 🙂  Or even better…spend the money and get a Garmin!! ( 410, 610 or new 910 )

negative split – finishing stronger than you started?

See here: Negative Splits 🙂

tough 30 minute kettle bell workout

See my circuits page.

whats my ideal racing weight or what is my ideal body weight by age

See the page on my Target Weight Calculator

lion bar cereal

You can get it in Asda or Tesco, infact I’m sure it was buy one get one free in Asda the other day!! (Sept 11)



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