Wk39 – 7.5M Shawlands Tempo

Monday morning and I managed to get out of bed to do almost an hour worth of running.  Monday is my sort of speedwork day, so as much as I aim to do speed, I don’t want to put any pressure on myself of what type of speedwork I’ll do.  I’ll aim to run for about an hour, between 6-8 miles.

Today I just ran and tried to keep a fast, steady pace.  Along the theme of my ‘one new route a week‘ I did a new route – up to Shawlands and back down to the Clyde.  Some of it was new anyway.  🙂  I must say, it’s good not to be sticking to the same old routes again and again.

As usual, it was dark when I left the flat at 6:30.  I decided I wouldn’t have any breakfast before the run, and I was quite impressed I’d managed to get up in time to get out.  I really love running at this time of the year.  It was pretty pleasant, not too warm or too cold, and only a slight wind depending on what street I ran on.

I wore my nike tempo shorts, a vest top, two floursecent snap bands on my arms and my white gore cap.  I was nice and comfortable, not too hot not too cold. 😀  The sun was rising as I was running and it was nice to wake up to.  Oooh – and I almost forgot… I wore my new holey black and orange nike socks… it was weird I could feel the air going through my shoes and my socks, and by the end of it my feet/socks didn’t feel sweaty at all!  Quite expensive at a tenner for a pair, but well worth it!  😀

About 2 miles in I managed to drop my tiny Veho camera from my shorts and the clip broke… again… I’ll need to contact Veho (again) to get a new clip.  Sigh.

I ran up towards Darnley Street and Haggs Road, over to Shawlands… and about 4 miles in I felt a little like I needed the toilet.  Not ideal… I considered popping into a cafe which was open REALLY early and ask if I could use their loo…but I thought I’d better not.  I kept running and was running a very steady pace of between 7:36 – 7:41 min miles.  I was finding it a little hard at times, but still managed to keep the pace.

After Shawlands I ran down Kilmarnock Road and Pollokshaws Road.  I got to 10k in 46:50 then had to stop dead.  I really needed to find some where to go to the toilet!! Arrrrg!!!  In the middle of Eglington Toll in Glasgow, under the new M74 bridge.  No bushes, no tree, no gardens (apart from those of the houses).  I stopped my Garmin and went in search of somewhere – to go.  :-S

I detoured off the main road frantically trying to find the best place – houses, gardens… no way…  and I eventually ended up finding an old school buidling with an old disused shelter.  Jeezo… does this make me a real runner now??  That’s twice now! :-/  See the detour on the map below… lol

I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t have any breakfast, then pushed my body hard…. so that it went …. ‘WOAH LORN…. WAIT A MINUTE’ and gave me a bit of a fright… lol.  Perhaps I’ll try and eat something little next time (early morning runs for an hour) just to make sure I have some carb energy to burn.

I ran back to the main road, and started on the mile and a bit home.  It was all downhill, so I just ran nice and comfortably down the hill.  I actually ran faster after stopping… but I’m putting that to the fact I was running downhill….ahem. On the last half mile I held back a bit and recovered.

Overall an eventful run… and a good way (sort of) to start the week. 

Run: 7.5M, 56:57, Pace: 7:29, 8.0mph, Calories: 623
Aver HR: 162 (85%), Max HR: 176 (95%), Training Effect: 5.0

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