19th pint of blood given…

Well almost… it’s the 19th time I’ve given blood, but they only got three quarters of a pint off me this time. 

See here for a run down of why it’s good to give blood and the side effects of giving blood.

The Blood Bus was at my work today so I made an appointment for the start of the day to get it over and done with.  My haemoglobin levels were really good – 13.8 (women’s are meant to be 12.5)… must be that sirloin steak I had on Sunday for lunch. 😉  I must remember that one next time.

I did an hour run this morning at quite a hard level, so I think I’ll make sure I take it easy tonight and tomorrow to recover.

They usually get a pint quite quickly out of me, but today it seemed they didn’t put the needle in correctly so I only managed to give 3/4 of a pint in the time alloted (15 minutes).

I felt an unusual amount of pain as soon as the needle went in, and looking at where the puncture mark is, the woman put it in really low down on my arm.  Usually they can get a vein no bother, but today she didn’t seem to keep the cuff on too much, so I’m guessing she went for the only vein she could see (a small one!).

Who the hell puts a needle in there?

It’s odd as my arms are full of really easy to see veins.  I’ll remember that one next time and make sure they get a good big vein!!

They say that the blood I gave will be used for platelets instead of transfusions etc.

My arm still feels a little tender, but hopefully it won’t be bruised too much.  The plus of it is that I might not feel as tired as I usually do as I’ve given less blood this time – fingers crossed. 

Anyway, I’m glad I gave blood – it’s my second time this year and I’ll probably give again around Christmas time… so I’ll earn my 3 x promise keyring I got today.  😀

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