My weight since I started training (June 2008)

In 3 years, I’ve lost nearly a sixth of my weight!! 

Since I started exercising properly (June 2008), I’ve lost nearly 11kg, down to 55.9kg and I’m not losing any more (19.8 BMI).  I’ve maintained that weight since March. (The graph below is only from June 2010.)

 I brought a few clothes back from America and when I came back I decided it was time to clear out my wardrobe and drawers.  I was hanging onto suits which were too big just because they’d cost me a bit of money.

It was quite rewarding trying them all on, only for them to literally fall off!  4 bin bag fulls later and I have a tidy wardrobe with only stuff that fits now!

Here’s the weight graph (in lbs) since June 2008:

You can see more detail (body fat %, blood pressure, resting heart rate etc) on the Health page of my blog.  It goes back to September last year.

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