Wk37 – Insanity Day 25

Wednesday morning and I met Gill at Bella.  We haven’t met for a few weeks as I’ve been on holiday and she ‘overdid’ it on a work night out which knocked her out for A WEEK!  :-O

This week is meant to be the week I get back into Insanity – it’s recovery week where I get to do Core Cardio and Balance for the next 6 workouts (over two weeks).  With the holiday on Monday, and a swim on Tuesday, I didn’t do Insanity, so I decided I’ve give Gill a taster of it this morning.

Core Cardio and Balance is a lot easier (less cardio) than normal Insanity workouts – hence the recovery week, but you are still working.  There are a few really burny bits… ouch.

The format is the same as usual – Warm up, Stretch, Workout, Stretch, but I didn’t really sweat at all.  So it must be easier.  I’m even thinking I might only do this workout a few times (rather than 6) in the next two weeks, then get back into the full workout.

Fit Girl has started swimming, and as I have no particular training plan in place for running etc, I’m going to join her.  This means we’ll probably swim when we would otherwise gym/run or do Insanity.

We have a logistical problem in that Bella gym and top floor is being done up, so we have no where to do Insanity now.  (Apart from at my work, in a small workout room, which will have to do.).

Gill and I managed to get the dance Studio at Bella this morning but it won’t be free in the evenings, or on Saturday mornings when me and FG normally do our Insanity.

Hey ho.  We’ll fit it in somehow.  Be prepared for a few posts about swimming in the next few weeks. 😛

Insanity, Day 25, Core Cardio & Balance, 40 minutes.
Ave HR: 119 (62%) Max HR: 190 (100%)  Training Effect: 2, calories: 300.

Oh and not too many side effects from swimming last night.  My eye sight is a bit hazy…and I feel a little cold… that’s even after drinking 1.5 litres of water after and 500mls of lucozade during the swim. Must drink lots today!

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