64 length easy to remember swim plan

My friend Fit Girl has just started swimming again and she found it hard to remember to keep count of her lengths.

I’ve been doing it for a while (swimming and swim training) so I’ve figured my own way of being able to count lengths. I do it by splitting the large number of lengths I have to do into smaller numbers sets, and those sets into smaller numbers of lengths (drills).

A simple one for me which I started on was:
3000m, 120 lengths.
6 x 250m (10 lengths) FC full stroke / 250m FC arms only.
Rest for between 10-30 seconds between each 250m drill.

I started doing that swim session 3 times a week for 6 months and cut the time from 1 hour 20 to 55 minutes!! (By reducing rest, improving my stroke and speed and introducing tumble turns).

Now I’ve made this one for Fit Girl:

Here’s a swim training plan for a mile / 64 lengths that should be easy to remember and should be easy to keep count of:

4 sets, 4 x 4 lengths (drills) in each set.
64 lengths / 1 mile in total.
BS: Breast Stroke, FC: Front Crawl.
4 x : 4 lengths without stopping if possible, in each drill.

Aim to take as little rest as possible as you progress.

Rest after each 4 lengths for between 10-30 seconds after each drill within the sets.

Rest up to 60 seconds between main (4 x 4) sets.

Each set will consist of the following drills:
4 x BS, 4 x FC, 4 x BS, 4 x FC (arms only if you want).
Do the set 4 times.

Count the lengths as follows:
1:1 – 1234, 1:2 – 1234, 1:3 – 1234, 1:4 – 1234.
2:1 – 1234, 2:2 – 1234, 2:3 – 1234, 2:4 – 1234.
3:1 – 1234, 3:2 – 1234, 3:3 – 1234, 3:4 – 1234.
4:1 – 1234, 4:2 – 1234, 4:3- 1234, 4:4 – 1234.

Every length up the pool will be odd, every length back down will be even.
Every odd drill will be BS, every even drill will be FC.

If she makes it simple and routine it will be easier to do and remember how many lengths she’s done. 🙂

It might take her just over an hour to do it at first but the more often she does it, the less time it will take to complete.

If she settles into her stroke, improves her push off from the wall and aims to complete each 4 length drill as quickly as possible she’ll improve her time and maintain her cardio fitness. 🙂

I think 64 lengths is the right amount to push her and get her and get her a good cardio workout. Hopefully this plan will help.

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