Wk36 – 10M Southside Glasgow

On our flight back from Chicago…after being up for 18 hours… a run at lunchtime on Friday (after we landed) seriously seemed like a good idea to me. My other half had bought me the American version of Runners World… it’s a little smaller over there for some reason…and there are more zeds (or zees) and less u’s. ;-P A good read anyway. Oh and the first ad is for Michelob Lite beer… lol… don’t think you’d see that in the UK version… anyway…

As I was reading the magazine on the plane… I was being reminded that I hadn’t run (apart from the Chicago Half Marathon) for about 2 weeks and I was starting to get a little itch to run. Cooped up in this tiny wee seat… my whole body restricted….all I wanted to do was run. I was thinking when I could fit it in (bearing in mind I am still on holiday)… I thought I could hook up with some of the guys from work on their usual lunchtime run at 1pm. I’d probably be back by then, and I’d have only been up for…. 24 hours I think it was… :-/

When we got into London at 7am I text one of the guys and he replied very late at 12:45 in saying that he was leaving in 15 minutes… by this time I was pooped! Back to the flat… red eyes, I’d hardly had any sleep on the flight…. cases up, mail looked at but not opened…. and we had dinner at 6pm with some friends. I opted to sleep for 3 hours instead of run. 😀 I hadn’t told my other half about my running plan and hadn’t confirmed with the guys from work, so it was fine.

Then on Saturday morning I was keen to get up and into the swing of UK time. After waking naturally at 7am… I pushed myself to get up and pottered about a bit, until at 10am I went out for my first training run in two weeks. I didn’t know how far, or where I would be going, but I figured it would be a good day to start my One new route a week…. thing. I didn’t want to push it and decided I’d run how I felt and maybe run a little slower if I could.

As I was running the first few miles, I thought 6 miles would be good… then decided on 8… then decided 10 would be best.  🙂  I feel very fortunate that I can get up and just run 10 miles having not run much for 2 weeks.  😀

Despite the plan of running slowly, I ran the first two miles a little quick, and slowed the third one down. Then the miles slowly increased pace and steadied off (8:08s ish) until I hit a 6:50 minute mile for the last mile. I felt very comfortable back in my home town, listening to my tunes and taking in the sights and smells of Glasgow.  I took in a new bit of Pollok Park (which was nice), and a new bit along Merrylee Road into Cathcart and Battlefield Road. (I used to live around there)

I was testing my new Garmin 610 out and it was great. Vibrating every mile to tell me the split and feeling rather sweet on my wrist. Nice purchase. It all transferred automatically and wirelessly when I got back in.

There’s a new thing with this Garmin called ‘Training Effect’ – it looks at your heart rate and age etc and gives your workout a rating. It’s still learning based on me just now, so I got the top mark of 5 – overreaching… I’ll do some more on the Garmin Training Effect as time goes on. Oh and the calories seem to be out… says I did about 520… for 10 miles… aye right…more like 1,000!

Anyway – it was a nice pleasant run and nice to be back in Glasgow to run again. It was sunny, cloudy, drizzly, a few spots of rain…. warm, chilly…. almost ideal for running in. I wore my new Chicago Half Marathon top, but half way around I wished I hadn’t as it was a little too warm (12’C). 🙂

Run: 10M, 1:21, Pace: 8:08, Calories: 1,000.
Ave HR: 154 (81%), Max HR: 181 (95%)

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