Great Scottish Run(s) 2011

Wow that was brilliant! It was a little strange doing both the 10k and the half marathon but it was great.

The weather was just right, maybe a little too sunny, but fine. I ran the 10k with my friend Fit Girl, she managed a great PB of 49:15, taking over a minute off her previous time. A great achievement considering she’s been plagued with an IT band injury.

After the 10k I picked up my medal and goodie bag, Fit Girl took it home for me. Then I ran up to George Square to start the half marathon.

I stopped at the pub Citation for a pee…. I knew the queues at George Square would be stupid (and they were).

I got to George Square in plenty of time, all gee’d up from doing the 10k. I had none of the usual nerves for the half marathon and just couldn’t wait to start. My plan for a negative split went a little out the window as I was pretty sure I had started off and was going a little fast than I should for the first half… but I managed to keep the pace all the way round. It ended up being about 7:32 for the first a half and about 7:34 for the second half – so pretty steady in fact. 😀

I was wearing my saltire cape and got a lot of cheers and encouragement from the crowd…. then as I ran in the home straight, the lovely Bryan Burnett mentioned my name a few times, the wee gem!! 🙂 He did that for the women’s 10k and it’s great to be recognised and highlighted.

I finished in 1:39:03 (on my garmin 😉 ) and smashed my pb from last year for the route by about 6 minutes (and an overall PB for the distance by about 20 seconds). I’m very pleased with it, especially having run 7 miles beforehand! 😀 One woman said it was really nice to have the saltire in front of her as she finished. Nice 🙂

PB out of the way, now I’m looking to enjoy the Chicago Half Marathon at a more leisurely pace so I can see the sights and soak in the atmosphere!

Great Scottish Run: 10k, 49:15, Pace: 7:55, 7.6mph, Calories: 625.
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 170 (89%)

Run from Glasgow Green to George Sq: 0.95M, 7:28, Pace: 7:45, Calories: 94

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon: 13.1M, 1:39:03, Pace: 7:30, 8.0mph, Calories: 1,322
Ave HR: 169 (89%), Max HR: 181 (95%)

Total: 20.25M, 2:35:46, Pace: 7:39, 7.8mph, Calories: 2,041.

I walked the two miles home, had a banana and a milkshake after, and am about to get my lunch and get ready to teach swimming for 4 hours now… 🙂

I’ll be quiet for a while now… and I’ll be back in a few weeks after our adventures in Chicago. 😀

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