Wk34 – Insanity Day 24 Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs, 5k run

It’s our horradays!!

Saturday morning and since we aren’t going to get a lie in for maybe two weeks as we’re running the great scottish run tomorrow and then jetting off to Chicago on Monday so we figured we’d have a lie in. Not usual for a Saturday, but it’s not everyday your main aim of the day is to pack for your holidays. 🙂

We went to the gym after 11am and decided to go straight into the hour of Insanity Day 24:  Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  We’re now 8 weeks into our Insanity workout and I’ve come to get to know the workouts. I like this one… it’s challenging and makes you work hard.

Pure Cardio is about 10 minutes of warm up, 8 mins of stretching then 15 minutes (1 minute each exercise) of different exercises.  Cardio abs is tough… no crunches, just lots and lots o f abs work.  I did the last plank one, low plank, high plank 8 times with a tensing in between – it’s hard to explain – I did it properly this time (without putting my knees down between high and low plank) and man it hurt!

Pure Cardio: 40 minutes, Ave HR: 128 (67%), Max HR: 162 (85%), Calories: 370

Cardio Abs: 20 mins, Ave HR:  102 (53%), Max HR: 148 (77%), Calories: 170.


That’s us done 8 weeks of our 18 week Insanity plan… we’re on holiday for 2 weeks, then back for 2 weeks of core work when we’re back.

After Insanity today I decided I would run home.  I only managed to do one 5k run this week and fancied stretching the legs before tomorrows 19-20 miles (10k plus 13.1 miles).

I started out nice and steady, 8:30 min mile, then without really thinking my pace picked up for the next mile to 8:02. I thought I’d try (along with some help from the downhill home and gravity) to pick up the pace (sensibly that is) home – thinking I’d aim for maybe a 7:30 min mile or something.  I pushed it, and ended up doing a 6:50.

Just shows me what I can do when I push it a little. 😀  Looking forward to tomorrow now.

Run: 5k, 24:19, Pace: 7:44, 7.8 mph, Calories: 308
Ave HR: 153 (81%), MAx HR: 175 (92%)

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