There’s a ‘Garmin’ store in Chicago!!

Oh no …… I’ve just found that there is a Garmin store in Chicago!!!!

Garmin 610 with HRM – $399…. = £250…. plus a wee discount I’ll ask for because I’m on ‘vacation’…. say $360?? = £225. Arrrggg!! Should I or shouldn’t I??!!  (RRP £360 here)   :-O

Oh and it gets better…. I google street mapped the ‘Apple Store’ in Chicago… only to realise that one one block on North Michigan Street in Chicago there is the Apple Store, then Nike Town, then the Garmin store… I think I may either be in heaven, or I might just cry when I get to that block in Chicago… lol. 😉

I’ve just done my itinerary for 10 nights in Chicago…  it should be fun!!!  😀  I stayed up too late again this year doing it… but I don’t care – I’m so exciteeeeed now!!!

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6 Responses to There’s a ‘Garmin’ store in Chicago!!

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Hell yeah! It’s practically free 🙂 xx

  2. I feel knackered just reading your itinerary lol!

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