It worked! I got into the Chicago Half Marathon!

This morning I got some good news… I got an email reply from the Chicago Half Marathon people. 

At the weekend I emailed them to ask if it would be possible for them to let me run the race with a complimentary entry… (as I was over from Scotland and would love to run in the event – I didn’t want to spend the $100 to enter as I could spend it on so many other good things when I was on holiday) and the reply I got today gave me a code I could use to enter the race, for FREE! 

I entered this morning and my application went through ok. 🙂

On the 4th September I’m running the Great Scottish Run 10k at 9:30, then the half marathon at 11am. (20 miles all together).

I’ll teach swimming from 4pm – 8pm, then try and get an early night before our flight to Chicago on Monday the 5th.

We’ll do a lot of sightseeing  in Chicago and on Friday or Saturday the half marathon Expo is on at Navy Pier Chicago, not far from our hotel.

Then on September the 11th at 7am, the half marathon will take place in Chicago!  A bit of an early start, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get up for it!  🙂 

They’ve asked that runners wear red, white and blue in memory of the 9/11 disaster… I’ll need to do some digging to see if I’ve got those colours available.  And I think I’ll maybe run with a saltire flag as a cape whilst I run through Chicago. 🙂

How lucky am I?  I’m so excited!  😀

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