Wk34 – Insanity Day 22 – Plyometric Cardio Circuits

A lazy bank holiday Monday and we had a lovely nice long lie in…. brilliant.  Then we got up and did Insanity Day 22 Plyometric Cardio Circuits in the flat.  The hall is just about big enough for two people to do it there, and we knew our downstairs neighbours were out, so we went for it.

After I’d started it, to be honest I couldn’t be bothered with it, but I knew that once I’d got into it a bit I’d be ok.  After the first circuit ( Suicide Drills, Power Squats, Mountain Climbers, Ski Down ) I felt good and ready for the rest of it.

I managed it all well, and was sweating like I don’t know what by the end… (even with the windows open, and with my top off! Two more Insanity workouts then were on a break from it for 2 weeks when we’re on our holidays!  🙂

Insanity Day 22:  Plyometric Cardio Circuits, 40 mins, 300 calories.
Ave HR: 116 (61%), Max HR: 145 (76%)

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