Wk33 – Interval Circuits with Gill

Following my ‘extraordinary’ post yesterday… I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t do as I’d planned – twice!  Not so extraordinary it seems. :-/

On Thursday morning I had planned to meet Gill at Bellahouston to do 45 minutes of circuits at 6:30am, but my alarm didn’t go off and I woke at 6:31 realising I wouldn’t make it.  Oops.  I phoned Bella to get a message passed to her, then laid in my bed and appreciated the slight lie in (to 7:30am).

Then Thursday night, I had planned to do an hour of speedwork using my Garmin for the splits, but by the time 5pm came I suddenly had work I had to get on with.  Then when I was stopped that by the offer of a lift home (it was pouring with rain), the work excuse dried up.  I was at home and said I’d go out for a run at 7pm…but ended up ‘proof reading’ my work and eating instead.  :-O

So… today I made up for it by getting up early and meeting Gill at Bella for 6:30am for a version of Lorn’s Intense Interval Circuits.  Once we started I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but managed to get going without missing any of the circuits (only just, Gill had to remind me we’d only done 2 sets, not three before moving on).

A colleague, at worktoday told me that I’m a positive person, and I usually am… just sometimes I like to moan, just a little bit.  Then I tell myself – get on with it!  I don’t see My Fit Friend moaning now do I?  Exactly. And it’s always worth it in the end. 😀

This morning’s circuits were:

Warm up: 15 mins (repeated 3 times, faster each time)
Jog, Power Squats, Log Jumps, 123s, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Vertical Jumps
Circuit 1: (repeated 3 times, faster each time)
Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Hit the Floor, Ski Drills
Circuit 2: (repeated 3 times, faster each time)
Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Moving Push Ups, Mountain Climbers
Circuit 3: (repeated 3 times, faster each time)
Suicide Drills, Alternating Knee Lift, Level 1 Drills, Plank Walk Up
Last Effort: 8 Hop Squats, 8 Push Ups, repeated 5 times.

Circuits: 45 mins, 530 Calories. Ave HR: 145 (77%) , 168 (89%)

Hard work.  And I was sweating a lot by about 20 mins in right to the end. 

After a strange week (Monday: Rest, Tuesday: Long run, Wednesday: Easy Run and Insanity, Thursday: Rest), I’m glad I met Gill this morning before work (and before the dentist). 

Which by the way… it was the first time I’ve been to the Dentist and the Dentist has looked younger than me… I must be getting old!  :-O

(incidentally that picture is not of my dentist, but you get the idea)
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