When I look at runners, speak to runners, read posts by runners, I wonder if they understand that they too are extraordinary.

I usually write about people who can’t get the time to exercise or write about how people can get motivated to exercise.  But what if you’re doing it already?  What if you’re just as motivated as me and you train just as much or more than me?  What about if you do your own level of training and are happy with what you do?

Well, I’d like to say that if you fit any kind of exercise in your life, you are going well:  walking, running, biking, swimming – it all counts towards making you healthier and happier.  Perhaps I’m getting old where exercise gives me the kicks that going out and getting drunk used to give me.. perhaps I’ve just succeeded in changing my life for the better?

Just because one person runs or trains more than another, it shouldn’t takes away from the fact that what ever it is you are doing exercise wise, you are “extraordinary”:

• If you get up in the morning and run, you are extraordinary – I don’t care if it’s 3 miles or 15 miles.  How many people hit the snooze button and are now “running” late for work?

• If you strapped on your running shoes during your lunch break, you are extraordinary – how many of your colleagues are stuffing their faces reading the internet while you sweat out a quick 5-miler?

• If you put in a run after work, you are extraordinary – too many people are managing the stress of the day with a glass of wine instead of a walk or a run.

• If you prepared for bed with a run after putting the kids to bed, you are extraordinary – how many of your fellow parents crash into their own beds or onto the couch after the kiddies are asleep?

• If you have entered an event of any distance, trained for it and completed it, you are extraordinary – how many people have said to you: ‘I wish I could do that’.

• If you have run a marathon, no matter what the time, you are extraordinary – you are part of an exclusive club (around 0.1% of the population)!

People who do major events, triathlons, ultra marathons and marathons in record times, their feats are incredible, but here’s the thing, they obviously have the time available and  physical gifts that you and I do not have. 

I am truly impressed by what they are able to accomplish, but I am always more impressed with those of you who live every day lives, working towards keeping a roof over your heads and keeping your children fed yet still manage to find the time to run and train.  I’m in awe of everyday people who can push their own personal boundaries to improve and succeed and acheive and exceed their goals.

I know elitists exist in any group of significant size – those that believe they are innately better because they are faster or stronger.  There are runners that are faster and stronger.  That shouldn’t minimise or trivialise the accomplishments of the rest of the community – the every day joggers, the people who get out there in all weathers, the people who bother to train!

Did you, or will you run today?


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3 Responses to Extraordinary

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Phew! I ran at lunchtime. I passed the test 🙂 x

    • lornpearson says:

      Good on you, I thought you might. 😉 I’ve never tried the whole, running at lunchtime… I don’t think I could fit it in… prefer to eat my lunch, surf the internet and write my blog. 😉

      I’m running after work tonight – Clyde Bridges here I come! 😀

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