Wk33 – 5M with Gill Nithsdale

Lucozade Sport Lite - Lemon & Lime - 12x500ml - Click Image to Close

Wednesday morning and it was a struggle to open my eyes to wake up this morning.

When I got in last night from the run I needed to wind down and replace my energy and hydration levels, but I couldn’t face eating.  I had a baked potato ready to just be heated up, but I strangely couldn’t face it so there was no point in reheating it.

For Goodness Shakes! Super Berry (495g)I had a lucozade as soon as stopped, then when I got in I had a forgoodness shakes milkshake and 500mls of water.  I just could not face any food though! (8pm-9pm at night).

I’d eaten quite a bit regularly throughout the day to fuel my run, so I went to bed with just the fluids I’d taken on.

I woke at about 4am… having dreamt about going for a pee (twice!)… when I was little that used to mean that I’d wet the bed, but luckily that didn’t happen last night!  I felt a little dehydrated, so thought it would be a good idea to consume quite a bit of water today.

5 mile Nithsdale run

I had a bowl of special k before I left, then met Gill at Bella just after 630. 

When I left the flat it looked like it had been raining, but it didn’t look like it was raining.  As soon as I stepped over the front door it was though!

I’d worn a hat luckily, but I suddenly thought perhaps a waterproof would have been a good idea (I was wearing shorts and tshirt).  I’ll maybe leave one of my waterproofs in my boot from now on with Autumn coming in.

When I got to Bella it wasn’t that bad, squally showers was about as bad as it got, and my hat protected my head well.

We ran a new route, up Nithsdale, around to the back of Maxwell Park and along the cycle track back to the entrance of Pollok Park and back to Bella.

I thought it could serve as a Winter time run, but I’ve realised the cycle path will be pretty dark (and probably unsafe) at 630 on dark mornings, so I’ll need to think of a new one for when it’s dark.

The route today was hillier than I thought and Gill’s pace was a little slower than on our other route because of it.  We did well anyway. At just over 4 miles in Gill got tummy cramps again…think we can blame it on weetabix… so I’ve suggested she either eats after her run, or eats something less fibrous (ie corn flakes / special k / toast )

We’ll do the route a few more times before the clocks go back and maybe try it back to front.

A nice leg stretcher / recovery run / get me out of bed early for me anyway. I think I’ll be feeling a little tired today!!

Run: 5M, 50:58, Pace: 10:09,5.9 mph, Calories: 497
Ave HR: 132 (69%) Max HR: 151 (79%)

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