Next 2 weeks training plan

I’ve got around 2 weeks before the Great Scottish Run half marathon and 10k I’m going to do at the start of September and here’s the plan of action. 

It’s a little more mixed up compared to normal…but here goes:

WC 22/08/11
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: PM – 12.75M long with Alan and Cris
Wednesday: AM – 5M hills, PM – 30-45 min bike, Insanity day 19
Thursday:  AM – Circuits, PM Insanity Day 20
Friday: AM – 58 mins Speed Intervals, 5 min wu, 4 x 3′ fast 3′ recovery, 5′ cd. (I’ll try out a timed workout on my Garmin).
Saturday: 45-60 mins Spin, Insanity Day 21
Sunday: Rest (Garden and teach swimming)

WC 29/08/11
Monday: PM – Bike ride? Long walk? (Public Holiday)
Tuesday: PM – Spin and Insanity Day 22
Wednesday: AM – 5M easy, PM – 30-45 min bike, Insanity day 24
Thursday:  AM – Circuits, PM – 10k.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 45 mins Spin, Insanity Day 23 (Cardio Recovery)
Sunday: GSR 10k and Half Marathon (then teach swimming!)

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