Garden part 3

Sunday morning in the garden 10am – 2pm…. I dug over the right side of the garden, raked it over, then leveled it off and stamped it down with my boots.

And I got a tree stump out and a big root out, both of which were very rewarding. 😀 I beat them!

Getting there… next step is to level it off properly (and attack the tree roots in the top right corner), then lay the weed membrane on that section.

Sunday morning is the only time I can fit this in… hopefully I’ll get this all done soon!!

Top section membrane laid last weekend.

Before today’s efforts

Part way through… lucky for me no rain today.

Ground level view after work done today…

After today’s efforts – right part dug over, raked and stamped down

(And what it used to look like before we did any work on it!)

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