Wk32 – 8.2M run then Insanity Day 18

Saturday morning and me and my friend were going to run from the flat to Bella (2 miles), then she was going into the gym and I was going to do a 10k run. Then after the run we had Inanity Day 18: Plyometric Cardio Circuits again. 🙂

Run to Bella and into Pollok Park

We ran the first mile and it seemed quit fast. My legs felt heavy (I’m guessing after Thursdays long run) and I decided this run would be a nice steady / easy run. The first mile ended up being about an 8 minute mile. Then the next we slowed a little to 8:41.

I left my friend at the gym and tried to get a steady comfortable pace going. The sun was shining as I made my way d
own Corkerhill Road. I was going mine and Jackie’s ‘loop de loop’ route, but back to front for a change. I was running comfortably going into Pollok Park and I think I startled my wee friend Stanley the squirrel underneath the M77 flyover as he ran away from me and had a wee race with me along the concrete until he realised there was a fence between me and him and I wasn’t after him anyway! He makes me smile. 😀

Up the wee hill in Pollok Park then around past the river and past the cows. Stanley popped up again as I was on my way out of Pollok Park, this time he ran into the middle of the road, looked at me, then ran back to the forrest.

I’d done 10k in about 50 minutes which I was happy with …and my mile splits were being odd… 8:04, 8:41 (ok), then 8:04, 8:10, 8:04, 8:10… I decided I’d try and push it for the last 1-2 miles and my 7th mile split was 7:45 before I got a final push in to get my last mile at 7:05 (and my heart rate up to 93%). On the last 0.2 miles I managed 6:45 pace. 🙂

No tummy issues, or niggles today… 🙂 Running in the morning is the best!

I felt like it was a good run, nice and steady until I pushed the pace at the end to finish strongly.

Run: 8.2M, 1:05, Pace: 7:58, 7.6 mph, Calories: 823
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR: 173 (91%)

Insanity Day 18: Plyometric Cardio Circuits

I took a bit of rest after the run on the mat in the gym, then set up the DVD player for Insanity Day 18, Plyometric Cardio Circuits. I think I’m really noticing a difference now that I’m almost a 3rd of the way through Insanity. I haven’t lost weight (or body fat it seems)… but I am noticing that my core seems more fit – if that makes sense? And I feel stronger when I’m doing the Insanity workouts.

It was a bit of a thought doing Insanity after an hour run, but I know I can do it, so I just got on with it. 🙂 Dig deeper!

10 minute warm up as usual, then a few circuits where we worked hard. Today I was able to keep ‘working through’ the circuits when before I maybe would have taken a rest. Before I knew it, the workout was over and we were stretching to recover. Easy peasy! 🙂 I’m even starting to like the challenge of the middle set: Basketball drills, Level 1 drills (4 push ups, 4 mountain climbers, get up, get down, again), Ski Drills, In and outs. They are well hard!!

Once I got home I took a ‘forgoodness shakes’ milkshake, and fitted an extractor fan in my bathroom… of all things to do!

Insanity Day 18: Plyometric Cardio Circuits: 40 mins, Calories: 370
Ave HR: 120 (63%) Max HR: 146 (77%)

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