Wk32 – 18M Half Marathon training

I did some of the Great Scottish Run 10k and half marathon route on Thursday night, the plan was 6 miles at an easyish pace, then pick it up the next 6 and try and go a little faster in the last 6 miles.

The joys of running in Glasgow at night:

ms new saucony paramount 3s, mr immigrant, mr glasgwegian collapsed lying on the ground out of it, mr commuter, mr getting in my way in the middle of town, 3 toilet stops :-S, little miss kid gettng in my way, mr smokey, mrs smokey, mr runner, mr motorway over my head, ms new saucony kinvara trainers, baby highland cow calves, mr fox, mr magpie, mrs runner, mrs rainbow, mrs double rainbow, mr sunset. 😀

I started off in my new Saucony Paramount 3s, and decided when I passed my flat at between 6-7 miles, I’d change my trainers to my new Kinvaras – try them out.  They might help me run faster in the last two thirds of the run.  Running such long distances in new trainers is NOT a clever idea by the way… I could have easily got an injury or put my body under stresses it didn’t need, but I took the risk.  :-S

It was my first time running some of the 10k route  (see the comment for links to the route of the 10k) and I found Maxwell Drive a bit of a hill before coming down towards Eglinton Toll, one to watch for (after the slight incline at St Andrews Drive). 

I ran down Eglington Toll and into town, up Union Street.  I nearly ran past St Vincent Street, but managed to hang a left and climbed up the hill.  My second time doing this hill in training this year, and it didn’t seem as bad as last time.

About 3-4 miles in I started to need the toilet again. Arg.  Tummy cramps a little.  Running at night does not agree with me!!

I thought about visiting the toilet in MacDonalds at Finnieston, but realised I was close to home, so it’d be better to go there.

Next to the Clyde, I passed a guy KO’d lying on the ground totally out of it.

Drink or drugs?  I thought I should help him or call an ambulance, but I didn’t have a phone, so the option I chose was to run past and ignore him. tut tut.  I ran across the Squiggley Bridge, then down to West Street and Seaward Street. 

I stopped at my flat so that I could do the toilet stop and change my trainers.

My cramps were a little eased.  My first mile in my Kinvaras was faster than the previous miles, but that was mainly because I was pushing it. 

My first 6 miles were at 8:07 min mile pace, the nest 6 were at 7:27 pace, 30 seconds faster and the last 5 (before the final cool down mile) was 7:22.  It wasn’t because of the trainers, I was pushing it, but the trainers were good. Nice and light and comfortable.  Great for running fast (speedwork and races).  Nice to know I can still finish strongly over 11 miles after running 6 miles before hand.  😀

 The clouds above were threatening rain all night, but lucky for me any rain there was didn’t get to me. 

Through Pollok Park and I stopped briefly to take a photo of a wee tiny highland cow calf… he was so cute. 

I ran as the sun set over Glasgow and about 14 miles in I saw a lovely rainbow, then a double rainbow.  Nice.  On route I took a gel at 6.5 miles and another at about 15 miles in.

In Glasgow Green, it was a little dark (nearly 9pm by then) and Mr Fox ran in front of me.

The 18 miles was a thought, but I think I did well to stick by my strategy, keep slowish for the first 6 and keep going for the next 11 – 12 miles.  Great preparation for the 10k then half marathon in two weeks time.

No ill effects from last night apart from a little tenderness in the outside of my lower legs (new trainers I’m guessing).  Although I did have a bit of an upset tummy through the night.  Come to think of it, I think I had that last Thursday night too!

I’ll be (sort of)  glad when the nights get darker and I’m training in the morning instead of in the evening!!  All good.  🙂

I seem to be able to get faster and hopefully should be able to pull off a good run 2 weeks from now.  

Here’s a comparision of 4 of my long training runs for the Great Scottish Run, last night was perhaps my strongest effort.

Run: 18M, 2:19, Pace: 7:42, 7.8mph, Calories: 1,799.
Ave HR: 155 (82%) Max HR: 171 (90%)


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