Running long runs in new trainers!

They say you shouldn’t run long distances in new trainers; you should break then in gently with shorter runs, then wear them for long runs. Especially when you are changing the model of trainer you wear. And especially especially if your new trainers offer less support and structure than you’re used to.

Well, Thursday night, long run night, I broke thar rule twice!! An 18 mile run, split into two (because at the 6.7 mile mark I passed by my flat and needed a toilet stop anyway), I changed my trainers when I stopped:

The first 6-7 miles were run at a slower pace in my new Saucony Paramount 3s (left): My old friends the Paramount 3s. 😉 Not much of a risk running in them as they’re my usual pair of trainers, the ones I’ve trained in for the last year. The only difference is that the new ones should have more stability and support than my done in old ones that have done 400-500 miles.

The second 11-12 miles were run in my new Saucony Kinvaras (right). They are Saucony’s entry into the Market of a lightweight minimalist shoe. 100g lighter than my Paramount 3s (at 195g), they offer less support and stability and should make you run faster. Even the laces are lighter than normal laces!!

I really felt the difference between both trainers. The Paramount 3s offered structure and support so that all I needed to think about was where I was going. No niggles, no watching where my feet landed incase I went over my ankle. Just running. 8:07 minute miles for 6-7 miles: I was taking it easy.

Then with the Kinvaras I was pushing it a little to see what I could do. My best pace for the mile was a whole minute faster than my average for the first 6 miles, and my average pace was 7:27. I can’t blame it solely on the trainers, as I did consciously try and run faster. But they did feel good. Light, airy. Comfortable.

Anyway, into the run I didn’t feel any niggles until about 17 miles in, a slight niggle in the outside of my right calf, a niggle in my ankle – did I slightly go over it at some point avoiding that car? And I felt a little niggle in my knee / IT band just before I finished.

The calf pain is still there the next day, so I’ll need to watch that. Probably just the product of running so far in less supportive trainers than I’m used to.

I’ll add the route and pictures of the run in the next post. 😀

It was possibly not the cleverest thing to do just over 2 weeks before the Great Scottish Run, but hopefully it’ll be ok. 😀 Thank you Saucony for two new pairs of brilliant trainers!!

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