Wk32 – Spin then Insanity Day 17 Cardio Power & Resistance

Wednesday night and I went to Bella as usual straight from work. I changed into my gym gear and my new Saucony Paramounts…. and went to up to the gym to go on one of the bikes.  They were all taken, so I opted to go for a spin bike which is in a spare room which no one uses.

I put on my tunes on my ipod and did some various spin workouts to them.  Hills, climbing, speedwork, strength, steady pedalling.

After 20 minutes I was sweating a lot again…. dripping. Jeezo. 🙂

Spin workout: 45 minutes, Ave HR: 136 (72%), Max HR: 155 (82%), Calories: 465.

Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance

After my spin workout I set up the portable DVD player in the function suite and set up Insanity Day 17: Cardio Power and Resistance.

I think this workout is up there as being one of my favourites of Insanity so far.  It’s got a nice mix and has a few circuits of 4 exercises repeated 3 times so you know what’s coming next and you can give it your all.

Insanity Day 17: Cardio Power & Resistance: 40 mins.
Ave HR: 118 (62%), Max HR: 151 (80%), Calories: 315

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting Gill again, I think for some more of my

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