Wk32 – 5M run with Gill (and my trainers!)

Wednesday morning and I’d arranged to run with Gill from Bella at 630am. 

My trainers 🙂

Today as I knew it was going to be an easy 5 mile run, and there wasn’t any rain, I thought I’d try a run in my Salomon Cross Max trainers.  I bought them as comfortable every day shoes to walk to work in etc, but they are (neutral) running shoes for between road running and off road running, so I thought I’d give them a whirl.

I thought that if they were good to run in, then I would use them for running trainers and get another pair of them for everyday use.  But it turns out the ‘neutral Salomon cross max’ are rubbish for me to run in.  I felt like I had no support around my foot, they felt loose around my toes and they felt bulky and heavy compared to what I usually run in.  They’re good and comfortable for walking in (for me), but not as running trainers.  I think I need more structured support.

I currently have two pairs of Saucony Paramount 3s which are well on the way out.  One pair even has a hole in the top of them, and the soles are well worn.   I’ve had one pair since January, and the other since about February. 

Two marathons, and many many training miles in them, I’ve run almost 900 miles since the start of the year.  And they say 500 miles per pair of trainers… so I think it’s about time I got some new ones! 

About a month ago, I ordered a new pair of Saucony Paramount 3s from Sportshoes.com for just £75 (rrp £135) and I’ve kept them until I really need them.  I think about now is the time to get them out of their box!

I like to have two pairs of trainers on the go, and I did think about just getting another pair of Paramounts (as I love them!), but I thought I’d try something different and thought I’d try out the Saucony Kinvaras. 

I’ve heard lots of good things about them, and I thought it would be go to try them. (my friend Cris has a pair and can’t say enough good things about them and I know of a runner in America who also sings their praises.) 

Apparently they’re very light and less supportive than the Paramounts.  I’d keep the Paramounts for long runs (and any runs) and the Kinvara’s for shorter runs or speedwork (they’re only 200g).  I already have a pair of ‘racnig shoes’ the Saucony Type A2s, but hopefully the Kinvara will be somewhere in between my paramounts and the A2s.  Perhaps I should take the A2s out of the cupboard a bit more often!

I ordered my new Kinvaras from Wiggle for £55, reduced from £87 as I bougth the Spring Summer model instead of the new version (and I got a discount voucher I could use too). Free delivery from wiggle and if I don’t like them I can also return them for free which is a great plus!  🙂  Wiggle is brilliant!

I figured that if the Kinvara’s are no use then I can always send them back and take a look for a pair when I’m in Chicago at the start of September.  😀

Anyway, back to this mornings run.  Gill turned up just before 6:40, she’d had a few troubles in the morning and although she started off running well (9:10 pace), she felt sluggish and felt like something wasn’t quite right. 

About 4 miles in she got the stomach cramps I’m getting so used to getting in the evenings when I run.  😦  We stopped at about 4 miles for a breather, then with about three quarters of a mile to go she had to walk.  I knew how she felt, so I was happy just to walk and get there in the end. I made sure she rested more than she maybe wanted to, and hope I helped her get to the end.

We finished just under 50 minutes, our slowest run together yet, but given how she felt, she did quite well to get through it.

Run: 5M, 49:32, pace: 10:00, 6.1mph, Calories: 496
Ave HR: 124 (65%), Max HR: 149 (78%)

Gill was struggling part of the way round, and I’d be keen to see what her heart rate was doing.  Mine was nice and low and only maxed at 78%, but I think hers was sky high at points.  I find it interesting how different people’s HR is affected by running/training. 🙂

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